Three Easy Things to Check Before Hitting the Road This Summer

The Summer time is full of pool parties, outdoor adventures, and plenty of those good ol’road trips. Summer also brings with it potential dangers to your car that can affect even your simple commute to work. To make sure you and your family stay safe this Summer on the roads, we took a drive down to Discount Tire to learn 3 easy things you can look for on your tires.

First, let Honest Abe help you out. A simple penny can tell you if you need new tires or not. Simply place the penny in one of the tread channels, if you can see all of Abraham Lincoln’s head then it’s time for new tires! Second, check the air pressure. As the temperatures change so does the pressure in your tires. To check the tire pressure all you need is a tire pressure gauge, which, can be picked up at any Discount Tire location. Unscrew the tire air valve cap and press the gauge against the valve. To see the ideal pressure for your tires you can check the tag inside your driver side door. Your owners manual should also have the number. Finally check the age of your tires. Discount Tire recommends getting new tires every 6 years. As tires dry out they begin to crack, which could lead to tires shredding as you drive down the highway. The last 4 digits of the tire’s DOT number will tell you the age. For example if your numbers read “4414” that means that your tire was made in the 44th week of 2014.

This may seem like a lot of technical stuff, but it’s really fast and simple. Watch the video above to see just how easy it actually is. Stay safe on the road this Summer!